The journey towards manufacturing will ultimately determine how well the final product is produced, which is why the LUMA-iD ensure we never rush entering this crucial stage of the product’s development. We have a strong history of manufacturing products in London for an array of clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Thanks to our strong network of manufacturing partners we oversee the process from start to end, delivering the finished article just as expected. Regardless of quantity we ensure your product is produced to the highest possible standard, manufactured from designs and prototypes developed by our in-house team.

Silicon Moulding

We offer a cost-effective method of producing prototype rubber components. Our plastics engineering expertise enables us to use the high surface finish of SLA 3D printing to develop high-quality rubber parts that cost far less than relying on 3D printing alone.

Loss wax moulding

We specialise in lost-wax moulding, also known as investment casting, to reproduce components that are both extremely accurate and feature high levels of metal integrity. It’s a service we’ve provided to a multitude of sectors including aerospace, marine and defence.

Low volume

Part of manufacturing products in London also includes producing low volume turnarounds for our clients. Thanks to the advancement of 3D printing we offer small, cost-effective production runs using SLS to ensure high standards are always achieved.

Series Production

Series production does not demand the same level of investment needed for products being mass produced. It requires goods to be produced at a higher rate than low volume turnarounds and we utilise silicone moulding to create anywhere between 30-50 pieces from a single mould. Low pressure moulding is employed for anything between 250-1,000 items. If required, we can also implement advanced 3D printing for series production.

High volume mass production

Before we can send any product off for mass production our team of engineers create a set of technical drawings for the manufacturer to work with. As plastics engineering experts we tend to use inject moulding for most mass-produced projects. This does require significant investment upfront, although for orders in the thousands this does guarantee a much lower part cost.


Although we have a long history of manufacturing products in London, we also partner with a number of reputable factories and producers in China. Our long-standing relationships ensures high-quality finishes and efficient turnarounds that meet your timelines.

Why should I manufacture in China?

We have trustworthy contacts in Romania and Poland. The costs for manufacturing in Eastern Europe are roughly 20-40% more expensive than China. However costs of transportation can be reduced as these countries are within the EU the exportation process is straight forward. Furthermore the speed of transportation is an advantage, the products can be in the UK within 3 days after production. In comparison products from China by boat will take around 4-5 weeks. By Airplane from China the time can be approximately 5-7 days, yet the costs for air shipment is substantially higher then by boat. 

How do I know my product has not been copied?

As our Eastern Europe production facilities are in countries within the EU, the law protects us from anyone copying Intellectual Property. Although in China IP is also protected, in theory. In practise it is more common that people will copy ideas and start producing them in different countries. Having said that, in China it’s all about knowing trustworthy partners. In the 12 years we’ve produced numerous products in China, we have had no cases of IP infringement. Production in Eastern Europe can be a good idea when a product is new and still needs to be altered often. Romania is a lot closer by to discuss a product update than Shenzhen.


Production in Eastern Europe is made easier thanks to its location, and the products can be transported efficiently throughout Europe and Asia. It is also worth bearing in mind that costs for some components may exceed Asian prices.

Why should I manufacture in China?

Outsourcing manufacture to China often lowers cost, but only when the order is in significant numbers of products. Anything too small makes the logistical overheads too high. Making injection moulds are cheaper too, plus you can save a lot of money by using Asian equivalents of core components such as common electronics parts or bolts.

How do I know my product is not copied?

IP protection can be weak in parts of China, but with appropriate precautions, it’s easy to prevent your product being copied. While we have our own trusted partners, we also purchase components from certain vendors and assemble it at another facility so that know less about the overall product. Working like this gets your product out quickly at a low cost, which otherwise could be overtaken by competitors – possibly from China anyway.


We can ensure our designs are fully compatible with the individual specifications of any electronic manufacturer. Our panel of overseas experts provide detailed input with regards to final assembly and all custom electronic parts such as PCBs, batteries and screens. As a result, we turnaround your product with efficiency, speed and reliability.

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